Beauty in the Midlands

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Beauty Treatments in the Midlands

Beauty is important to everybody, especially to those in bigger cities and counties. This explains why cities are much more advanced within the beauty industry.

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Semi-Permanent Makeup:

Semi permanent makeup does have a massive impact on how you feel, it could increase confidence as well as making you look great.


Makeup tattooing provides a solution to areas of imperfection and offers enhancement to those features.

Semi permanent makeup normally includes features on your face such as, eyebrows, the outline of your lips and eyeliner. You also have the choice of adding a beauty mark.

As well as having this treatment done, you can choose to participate in courses that mean you can learn all about the permanent makeup industry.

Typically these are available in London. Click here.

Natural Enhancement are located in Kew, West London who offer a variety of courses including, medical tattooing, permanent lip liner, and more popular, eyebrow tattooing.

Anti-Wrinkle Clinics in The Midlands:

Tinkable offer numerous treatments within the beauty industry, but they specialise in anti-wrinkle procedures. They work with muscle relaxants that will target those fine lines, as well as wrinkles. Find out more.

They also have a number of clinics around the West Midlands, including Birmingham so you are sure to be treated nearby.

They are also used to enhance and lift your face making you much more youthful. Throughout your procedure, you are in safe hands as they have been rewarded with the Save Face regulator.

Dermal Rollers – The UK’s Leading Clinic‎

The dermal roller is also known as a micro needle – it is a hand held rolling device that reaches the inner surface of your skin that can enhance skin repairing from within.

It also helps produce collagen and elastin, without causing damage to the outer layer of your skin. Find out what collagen does for you, click here.

It can work on a number of skin problems such as:

  • Wrinkles
  • Fine lines
  • Stretch marks
  • Scarring
  • Cellulite
  • Skin lifting
  • Scarring (acne and surgical)

Contact us if you’d like much clearer and younger looking skin.