Everything you need to know about cosmetic surgery

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Here’s a list of the top 20 questions you should be asking before any cosmetic surgery

1. Are the surgeons fully qualified?

2. How much experience do the surgeons have?

3. If the surgeon is based abroad, how can I have a pre-consultation?

4. Can I change anything from my consultation

5. What if something goes wrong?

6. Do I need to pay a deposit

8. I need to cancel my procedure, without rebooking?

9. BIB Removal

10. Minimum Stay Quoted

11. Can I pay upfront, as I don’t like to travel abroad with large amounts of cash?

12. How can I pay?

13. Do you offer finance?

15. Do you offer assistance in arranging accommodation?

16. Can I bring my friend/partner with me?

17. Can I stay at the clinic for extra nights if I don’t feel well enough?

18. What times can I call you?

19. I wish to talk to someone but it’s not convenient for me at this time, can I arrange a callback?

20. Do I need health insurance?